I’m Patricia. A wife, mother, and fine-art designer.

You absolutely can immerse yourself in your craft and build a thriving business at the same time.


I’m here to help you express the full value of your creative work. So you can increase your prices, elevate your client experience, and be there for your family while doing what you love.

Come on in, the studio is open!

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Wholehearted Brand & Website Design

Before having my daughter, I had no idea there was this unspoken and fearless sisterhood of creatives. Made up of women like you who pour everything into loving their family, and still have room in your heart for another calling, too.

Let’s get to know each other ⟶

It starts out small. Sketching for an hour during naptime. Planning your work for Saturdays when daddy is home. Waking up early to finish projects in the quiet, peaceful hours of the morning...

Then before you know it, you’re a full-time mama and running a creative business at the same time. Because you can’t imagine your life without one or the other, even on the days when you wonder: Can I really do both?

Me too...

And the answer is yes. You absolutely can be there for your family and build a thriving business at the same time.

I think we’re going to be fast friends. 

You are capable of anything and deserving of everything. 

Pages from my sketchbook

Designs for clients who became lifelong friends

Connecting with dream projects

Wonderful things have happened for my business since working with Patricia. I have increased my prices, partnered with high-end wedding planners, and had my work published! Her brand and design services helped me increase awareness and showcase the luxury and value of what I do.

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Brand Strategy & Brand Design for Jenny Jean Photography

jenny jean / 

Fine Art wedding photographer


Reflecting the care, heart and value

I look at my brand and see the best version of myself, or at the least what I hope my business to be. It feels joyful and welcoming and professional at the same time. I also totally loved the wholehearted brand homework Patricia gave me to uncover who it is I want to work with, what I love about my business and what I do, and how I can put that all together.

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Brand Strategy, Branding & Web Design  for Jenny Roth Copywriting

Jenny Roth / 

Email + Website Copywriter


Scaling with purpose and clarity 

I didn’t have a consistent brand or message and was hoping to refine it. Patricia designed an aesthetic that is perfectly in line with what I had envisioned. I have gained so much confidence in my work and how I present it, and clarity in the direction I want my business to go.

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Brand Strategy, Branding & Web Design for Kahla Kristen Photography

kahla kristen / 

Fine Art Motherhood, Newborn, and Family Photographer


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