When you invest in a Patricia Mari Creative design you will have the peace of mind knowing that someone will be walking beside you, every step of the way with your best intention at heart.

My design experiences are thoughtfully curated so that you receive exactly what you need to bring you back to what matters most deeply to you. I would be so honoured to work with you!

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Patricia Mari is a Brand & Web Designer
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My journey started when I became a mama to my beautiful baby girl, Mila. I love being a mom and with that being said, I also have a passion to be creative and creativity has been able to light up my heart in different ways than motherhood.

I sincerely believe you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to being a mother and a successful business owner and I think it is a story worth telling. It has been an absolute privilege to work alongside other mamas who value family as much as I do without hindering their own passions and dreams.

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Maybe you’re desperately wanting more time with your family . Maybe you’re ready to reach out to the people you know you are meant to serve. Maybe you’re ready to say “no” to projects that you are not passionate or excited about. 

Whatever season your business is in and whatever direction you dream of going, I would be so honoured to work alongside you to create a wholehearted strategy and visual design elements that serve you fully and intentionally. Schedule a free, one-on-one, no obligation, no-sales-pitch consultation call with me to see if we would be a perfect fit!

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Kahla of Kahla Kristen Photography

"She perfectly captured my vision, my brand and ultimately, ME, in just a few branding pieces.

The pieces she has designed for me are gorgeous, timeless and romantic - exactly the feel I was going for - and are beautifully hand-crafted and unique to set my brand apart."